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If there?s a secret weapon to fight midlife weight, this is it. You can rev up your metabolism, firm up your toughest trouble zones, and drop a size this month with tips and secrets like these:

The walking move that sculpts your legs and butt and boosts calorie burn by 30%.

Lifting weights this way melts off 72 extra calories per workout ? the amount you'd burn walking a mile!

Boost your energy levels, flatten your belly, strengthen your back, and improve your flexibility ? in just minutes a day, without even standing up.

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Based on the latest cutting-edge research, these simple exercise tweaks are "as close to a magic bullet as brain fitness gets":

Beef up your social calendar and slash your risk of dementia by as much as 26%.

Boost your memory and attention 20% with a nature walk.

Get off the sofa for 3 minutes ? and grow new brain cells!

Forget where you parked? This 2-minute breathing technique may help you remember, say Indian researchers.

Small Changes That Take Off Big Pounds Free Gift #3Take off BIG pounds with little tweaks!
If you want to lose weight and exercise more, forget deprivation diets and sweaty workouts. New research shows that you can quadruple your weight loss by making one easy tweak to your routine per week. You?ll discover...

The 1-2-3 chewing secret that permanently reduces cravings.

Melt off 28 pounds a year - with your TV.

The drop-and-add trick that lets you enjoy cookies, ice cream, chips, and fries without gaining weight.

Toss this in your purse ? and burn off 10 pounds in a year!

Lose twice as much weight ? with a "log"!
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